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May / June 2003

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Welcome to Aquatic Ecosystems on The Water Page. This is a new feature on The Water Page, which we hope will help to make information on aquatic ecosystems and their management more accessible, especially to water professionals in developing countries. The primary objective is to provide up-to-date information on current issues, new research, useful publications and people working in the field.

The structure of this page will be kept as simple as possible, to ensure ease of navigation. The contents will be arranged around major features or themes of interest, and these will be updated on a regular basis, or as new information becomes available.

This section of The Water Page is authored by Heather MacKay.  The author welcomes suggestions for new features or themes to be added to the page – should you have material which you think would be of interest to other visitors, or if you would like to see a particular issue developed in more detail, please contact me at hmackay@global.co.za

September 2001 Groundwater and ecosystems
July 2001
June 2001 Moving towards sustainability  
The ecological Reserve and its role in implementation of South Africa’s water policy


(This section of The Water Page draws heavily on the experience of South Africa in developing a rational and workable approach to addressing the needs of aquatic ecosystems management and protection.  This is because Heather MacKay has played a leading role in this work.  The issues however have broad applicability to natural resources management everywhere.  For more information on the background to the developments in South Africa, see here.)

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