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May / June 2003

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South Africa


 New publications 

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Kyoto Ministerial Statement

Anything new in here?

A collection of recent interesting documents 
from the World Bank

(all files are in pdf format)

  1. Water supply, sanitation and hygiene education: report of a health impact study in Mirzapur, Bangladesh
  2. West Bank and Gaza: water and sanitation services project, 1996 
  3. Household demand for sanitation services: case study of Kumasi, Ghana
  4. Participatory evaluation: tools for managing change in water and sanitation
  5. Environmental health components for water supply, sanitation and urban projects
  6. Gaza II: water and sanitation project environmental impact assessment
  7. On-site sanitation: an international review of World Bank experience, 1999
  8. Learning what works: a 20 year retrospective view on international water and sanitation cooperation, 1998
  9. Malaria and growth, 2000
  10. Gender and preferences for malaria prevention in Tigray, Ethiopia, 1999

Documents from the Bonn Freshwater Conference
3 - 7 December 2001

The Bonn Ministerial Declaration - pdf file - 63KB
The Bonn Recomendations for Action - pdf file - 84KB
African Ministers' Declaration - Word File - 31KB
Conclusions of the Multi-Stakeholder Dialogues - Word File - 25KB
The Bonn Keys

WSSCC Roundtable Statement - Word File - 98KB



"An analysis of the new national and sub national Water Laws in Southern Africa" Gaps between the UN-Convention, the SADC protocol and national legal systems in South Africa, Swaziland and Mozambique - By Joanne Heyink Leestemaker

45 Papers from the 1st WARFSA / WaterNet Symposium SUSTAINABLE USE OF WATER RESOURCES; ADVANCES IN EDUCATION AND RESEARCH Hotel Polana, Maputo, Mozambique; 1-2 November 2000


Web document pages 

Water Research Commission, South Africa

IRC International Water and Sanitation Centre - Index Page.

The IRC Documentation Unit a bibliographic database on water supply and sanitation in developing countries. IRCDOC includes bibliographic descriptions of documents held in the IRC Reference Library and of a growing number of documents available on the Internet

IRC Publications

World Bank Publications

UNDP - United Nations Documents

UNDP - Publications

FAO Publications

FAO Interactive catalogue

IDRC Books / Les Éditions du CRDI IDRC Books is the publishing arm of Canada's International Development Research Centre. Both online and in print, they publish the results of IDRC-supported research on global and regional issues related to sustainable and equitable development.

USGS -- Water Resources of the United States

Delft Hydraulics Publications

AWRA (Amercan Water Resources Association) Publications

U.S. Water News Bookstore


  The Legal Response to International Water Scarcity and Water Conflicts - The UN Watercourses Convention and Beyond by Dr. Patricia Wouters, (Director, Water Law and Policy Programme, CEPMLP, University of Dundee, Scotland - see below for web site)

Geneva Strategy and Framework for monitoring compliance with Agreements on Transboundary Waters: Elements of a proposed Compliance Review Procedure (Word Document 92kb) Prepared by Dr. P. Wouters ( in consultation with the group of invited experts and with the assistance of the UN/ECE and UNEP/ROE secretariats)

The legal response to the world’s water crisis: What legacy from the Hague? What future in Kyoto? (Word Document 51kb) - Dr. Patricia Wouters, Dr. Salman m. A. Salman, Patricia Jones

Rio Earth Summit Agenda 21, Chapter 18 - Water

  Mekong River agreement between Cambodia, Lao People's Republic, Thailand and Viet Nam  

  Convention on the Law of the Non-navigational Uses of International Watercourses adopted by the UN General Assembly May 1997 

  Press Release on the adoption of the Convention on the Law of the Non-navigational Uses of International Watercourses by the UN General Assembly on 21 May 1997

Capacity Building for water supply and sanitation development at local level - The Threshold Concept: Capacity building and training is recognised as a critical requirement for sustainable development in the water sector in Africa. However, there is very limited work being done to develop a rational framework for effective capacity building implementation, monitoring and evaluation. This is a paper presented at the UNDP / WORLD BANK / IHE 2nd International Symposium held in December 1996 in Delft, Netherlands.

The Mangochi Declaration - An initiative for a Water Supply and Sanitation Programme for the unserved in developing countries, 17-21 March 1997, Malawi

The Human Right to Water Peter Gleick, Pacific Institute for Studies in Development, Environment, and Security (pdf file)

Towards sustainable water resources management -  A Strategic Approach.  The European Commission publishes comprehensive Guidelines for water resources development co-operation in English, French and Portuguese

Ministerial Declaration of The Hague on Water Security in the 21st Century Agreed to on Wednesday 22 March, 2000, In The Hague, The Netherlands

MPUMALANGA STATEMENT - Financing of water services - Output of the 4th Country Level Collaboration Workshop in East and Southern Africa (ESA)

Poverty and water supply and sanitation services -  A paper presented by Len Abrams at the 4th Country Level Collaboration Workshop in East and Southern Africa (ESA)

SPREADING THE WORD: Practical Guidelines for Research Dissemination Strategies Darren Saywell and Andrew Cotton This document reviews the interim findings from Phase 1 of a Department for International Development (DFID) funded project concerning the development of practical guidelines for research dissemination strategies. Results from a review of literature, case study analysis and interviews with key informants are discussed.

The International Water Law Project website has a range of documents relating to international, trans-boundary water issues.

Water Law and the Dublin Principles, produced in association with the GWP by Miguel Solanes

Water Markets and Groundwater, produced for a Seminar at the World Bank by Miguel Solanes

WS&S PROJECT RELATED EVALUATION REPORTS WaterAid recently approached GARNET to host the publication of a series of WS&S project related evaluation reports. Full text versions of these reports can now be accessed at GARNET's website.  The following summaries are available: Sierra Leone 1989, Nepal 1990, Kenya 1991, Uganda (Busoga) 1992, Ghana 1993, South India 1995, Tanzania 1995, Ethiopia (Hitosa) 1996, Uganda (Kabarole) 1996, Nepal 1997, Zambia 1997, Ethiopia (Adwa & North Gondar) 1997 and Bangladesh (VERC) 1998.

BERLIN RECOMMENDATIONS on Transboundary Water Management -Experience of International River and Lake Commissions - Lessons Learned, Challenges and Issues for the Future, Berlin, 27-30 September 1998.


Development Policy Forum/DSE of the German Foundation for International Development.

SANITATION a new page featuring a number of documents.

SUSTAINABILITY - a few myths exposed.

Water and Social Resource Scarcity.




The Abuja Ministerial Declaration on Water A Milestone or Just Another Statement?

  Africa Sector Review - Draft report from the Africa Working Group of the Water Supply & Sanitation Collaborative Council

  SADC Protocol on Shared Watercourse Systems

South Africa  

Water Law Review

Final SA Water Law Principles 20 November 1996

The Water Services Act (Act 108 of 1997) on the Department of Water Affairs site (pdf file)

National Water Act (Act 36 of 1998) 20 August 1998 (NOTE : The Water Affairs server can be very slow at times.If you have problems downloading the document, please email me at info@thewaterpage.com and we will send you a copy. Please say what word processor format you work in.)

Policy documents

Draft national policy paper on Water Services December 2002

White Paper on the National Sanitation Policy July 1996

National Sanitation Policy [Version 11 - October 1996]

Water Supply and Sanitation Policy White Paper November 1994

Water Policy White Paper - April 1997

SA GNU Index - A site containing hundreds of documents on a wide variety of issues

POLICY DEVELOPMENT IN THE WATER SECTOR - THE SOUTH AFRICAN EXPERIENCE A (little outdated) document on the water reform process presently underway in South Africa - a Paper presented at the Cranfield International Water Policy Conference, Bedford, UK, September 1996, Len Abrams

Drought Policy Documents


Drought Policy

Research and other documentation

WISA membrane technology division The Membrane Technology Division (MTD) of the Water Institute of Southern Africa (WISA)


Draft water law - November 1997

Press Statement

Water Bill

Zimbabwe National Water Authority (ZINWA) Bill

Mvuramanzi Trust

Mvuranamzi Trust Annual Report 1994

Background to the Trust

Accomplishments to date

Income & Expenditure



The Blair Latrine

  A Builders Manual for the Two Bag Model

  A Builders Manual for the Three Bag Model

  A Builders Manual for the Double Compartment Blair Latrine

  Adding a Handwashing Facility

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