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May / June 2003

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Ecological Sanitation Web Links


UNDP: United Nations Development Programme promotes ecological sanitation as a development tool.

Unicef: United Nations Children's Fund recognises the need for improved sanitation resources to reduce infant and child mortality rates.

WHO: World Health Organisation has resources about the health aspects of sanitation.

WSP: The WSP is an international partnership of the world's leading development agencies concerned with water and sanitation services for the poor. Its mission is to alleviate poverty by helping the poor gain sustained access to improved water and sanitation services

Sanitation Connection: Sanitation Connection is an Internet-based resource that gives you access to accurate, reliable and up-to-date information on technologies, institutions and financing of sanitation systems around the world.

FAO: The Food and Agriculture Organisation of the UN has resources on using ecologically sustainable farming methods.

Sida: International development co-operation is an investment in ensuring poor people a better life, in environmental conservation and peace, in democracy and equality. It should pave the way for equal relations and make itself redundant.

Paho: A branch of the WHO aimed at "improving the health of the peoples of the Americas"

Gtz: A German development organisation with resources on the further development, testing and dissemination of alternatives to conventional wastewater and sewage disposal systems is becoming more and more indispensable for both economic and ecological reasons

EcoEng: Innovative Ecological Sanitation Concept Shows Way Towards Sustainable Urban Development In Vauban, a suburb of Freiburg, Germany a new model house was built in 1999, which combines highly innovative energy, waste and sanitary concepts

Cepp: The EcoSan Centre promotes ecological sanitation (EcoSan) systems, practices and programs - we link people, programs, information, and resources.

Hausanet Article: Harvesting Human Waste for Agriculture and Energy, an Ecological Sanitation approach.

WKAB: Any sustainable solution to sanitation problems must be based on the fact that human excreta are a potential resource that could be recycled.

Laneta: The Centro de Innovación en Tecnología Alternativa, A.C. supervises the construction and maintenance of ecological dry toilets, cisterns for rainwater harvesting and wetlands for greywater treatment.

WSSCC: The Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council is a leading international organisation that enhances collaboration in the water supply and sanitation sector, specifically in order to attain universal coverage of water and sanitation services for poor people around the world.

A further list of Ecological Sanitation Sites 
(there are some overlaps with the sites above)

http://www.undp.org/seed/water/ UNDP
http://www.sida.se Sida
http://www.wkab.se/ SANRES China Conference, reports China, Mexico etc
http://www.laneta.apc.org/redseco/ Latin American Network on ecological sanitation
http://www.laneta.apc.org/esac/drytoilet.htm National NGO - ecological sanitation in Mexico
http://www.riles.org/photos.htm Resource, Boston based NGO working in C America
http://user.tninet.se/~gyt516c/ECOSAN.html  Ecological sanitation in Ethiopia, Swedish NGO
http://www.tema.liu.se/tema-v/ Tema V - Sida course on ecological sanitation
http://www.gtz.de/ecosan/ GTZ on ecosan
http://www.iees.ch/news.html International Ecological Engineering Society
http://www.ecological-engineering.com/ The closed loop approach to eliminate waste
http://www.cepp.cc/index.html  Center for Ecological Prevention Pollution
http://cityfarmer.org/comptoilet64.html  City farmer, Int.NGO on urban agriculture
http://www.i-s-w.org/ecosanitation1.htm International Secretariat for Water, Int. NGO
http://www.mvula.co.za/work.htm#Sanitation Mvula Trust, South African NGO
Ecological Sanitation publications/articles
http://www.ruaf.org/1-3/35-37.PDF Article in Urban Ag. Magazine on "Closing the Loop"
http://www.compostingtoilet.org/10articl/esac1.htm Article about ecosan in Mexico
http://www.undp.org/seed/water/ UNDP papers on ecological sanitation
http://www.gwpforum.org/gwpef/wfmain.nsf/Publications Sida publication: Ecological Sanitation (E,F,S,C,Vie)
http://oneworld.org/cse/html/dte/gobertimes/may1999/gtimes.htm Ecological Sanitation for children, CSE, India
http://www.i-s-w.org/ecosanitation1.htm Case studies from Mexico and Zimbabwe.
Sanitation and Waste in Developing Countries
http://www.sanicon.net/   Sanitation Connection, int. network
http://www.wsscc.org/gesi/   GESI Global Environmental Sanitation Initiative
http://www.wsp.org/English/index.html   Water and Sanitation Program (UNDP-WB)
http://www.unicef.org/programme/wes/ Unicef water and sanitation
http://www.sandec.ch/   Recycling of sludge and solid water
http://www.waste.nl/   Mainly solid waste recycling
http://www.oneworld.org/thinktank/water/ssacon.htm Urban WS&S
http://www.irc.nl/sshe/nn/index.html   School sanitation and hygiene
http://www.sanplat.com/Default.htm The Sanplat method
Regional Resource Centres
http://www.nbnet.co.ke/netwas/ ITN Eastern Africa
http://www.icon.co.zw/iwsd/ ITN Southern Africa
http://dgrwww.epfl.ch/GS/cooperation/crepa/crepa.html ITN West Africa
http://www.itnphil.org.ph/ ITN The Philippines
http://cinara.univalle.edu.co/  ITN South America
http://oneworld.org/cse/ Centre for Science and Environment, India
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