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Most of the remainder of the site is unchanged from 2003. Please be aware that many of the links are no longer active. The whole web site is being updated.

May 2003

Water Resources Management web based information An index with 30 different themes and 247 references - this will grow in time - Making it easier to find information on the Web

Kyoto Ministerial Statement Anything new in here?

February / March 2003

- Confusing Cause and Effect - Poverty, Development & the Environment The threat to the environment in the North is excess and in the South is poverty, therefore the solutions are different - development is the only chance to restore the balance in the South.

The Abuja Ministerial Declaration on Water A Milestone or Just Another Statement? (Review pdf document - 40KB)

South Africa produces a draft national policy paper on Water Services (Review pdf document - 741KB)

November / December 2002
Rand Water in South Africa and the Fluoridation question
Rand Water's concerns are convincing and make the most common-sense case yet for not fluoridating drinking water.
August 2002
* Southern African Drought Crisis 2002 - Details and links as Southern Africa again faces crisis.
* The BDP Water and Sanitiation Cluster - A feature on the Cluster, its activities and outputs.
International Discourse on the Nile - An independant initiative run by a Steering Committee drawn from NGOs, academics, journalists and other civil society representatives from the ten Nile Basin countries and the international development scene.
May 2002
* African Ministerial Conference on Water (AMCOW) inaugurated in Abuja, Nigeria on 30 April 2002 - all the documents.
* Feature on the Yangtze River, China
* America's largest weed - water guzzling Eucalyptus trees which are invasive alien plants.
* Inter-American Development Bank Seminar: "Strategic Issues in Water Use and Management in Latin America and the Caribbean: An Action Agenda", Fortaleza, Brazil - 7 March 2002.
March 2002
* Water in Animism - Examining the relationship between animism and water around the world, with dozens of examples of how water features in the belief systems of indigenous peoples around the world - fascinating and well worth the read...
January 2002
* Putting Fluoride in Water Supplies The debate goes on regarding the fluoridation of public water supplies. This brief article provides the basic background to the debate and provides a variety of links to those who are both ardently for and against.
December 2001
* Water for Basic Needs Commissioned by the World Health Organisation as input to 1st World Water Development Report
* Bonn Freshwater Conference, 3-7 December 2001 Documents, comments and a few photos from the conference
November 2001
* New feature - Ecological Sanitation - a way of looking at life rather than just dealing with waste.
The Aral Sea - the disaster continues.
* Information accumulates in the
Education in Water section - Add your institution.
October 2001
* Education in Water - a database of organisations offering education and training in the water sector - Add your institution.
* International Water Companies
- How owns what? Where are they working? What are the pros and cons?
* Public Private Partnerships
- The PPP issue revisited.
* The Rhine
September 2001
* Aquatic Ecosystems- A new feature on the inter-relationship between
* Groundwater
and aquatic ecosystems.
* Monthly Drought Update
(Information provided by EARS - Environmental Analysis and Remote Sensing).  See the Drought Page 
* A collection of World Health Organisation sites related to infectious diseases.  See the
Links Page
July 2001
* Water in Religion - Water has powerful symbolism and great significance in world religions which effects how water is viewed and used throughout the world. 
* Aquatic Ecosystems -
A new feature on Water for Ecosystems - How much? How s it determined? How can it be monitored?
June 2001
* Aquatic Ecosystems - an entirely new section on The Water Page which will have a feature a month.    
* The River Ganges
* Invasive alien plants and ecosystems
May 2001
* Arsenic in Drinking Water
* The Mekong River Basin


Past Features



1996 - 1998

  • A special section about the recent Community Water Supply and Sanitation Conference has been posted on the UNDP-World Bank Water and Sanitation Program website (
  • GESI, the Global Environmental Sanitation Initiative, a global activity of the Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council (WSSCC), has its own web site now. See the Links Page.
  • BERLIN RECOMMENDATIONS on Transboundary Water Management - Berlin, 27-30 September 1998 - See the Documents Page
  • Private Sector Participation in low cost water well drilling in Africa: A Research Project of Cranfield University Check it out
  • New items added to the ELDIS Directory of Information Sources on Development of the Environment. Check it out!!
  • PRESS RELEASE - November Consultation on water and sanitation called by African professionals
  • Did you think that development funds have been whistled into the wind over the past 30 years?? - Read this and think again.
  • South Africa edges closer to finalising its new National Water legislation. See DOCUMENTS
  • ID21 The new Development Research reporting service on UK based water sector research. or
  • Global Environmental Sanitation Initiative(GESI) See Preliminary proposals for information exchange and dissemination
  • Linking water scarcity and social resource scarcity to arrive at new indicators and concepts - a "must see". Introduction
  • South Africa's National Water Bill published (21 January 1998). Go to the DOCUMENTS page.
  • Mekong River agreement between Cambodia, Lao People's Republic, Thailand and Viet Nam.Go to the DOCUMENTS page.
  • Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council Press release on a global sanitation campaign. (3 Dec 97)
  • "Assessment of Integrated Water Resources Management Activities in the Southern Africa Region" - A Preliminary Inventory is published by the Institute of Water and Sanitation Development, Zimbabwe (3 Dec 97)
  • Draft ZIMBABWE Water Legislation Published 
  • Have a look at the home page of the Southern African Development Community - the SADC page .
  • Review the SADC Protocol on Shared Watercourse Systems, and other documents on the DOCUMENTS page.
  • Convention on the Law of the Non-navigational Uses of International Watercourses adopted by the UN General Assembly May 1997 - Full text
  • Some countries voted against or abstained from voting for the Convention on the Law of the Non-navigational Uses of International Watercourses adopted by the UN General Assembly on 21 May 1997- see who and why.
  • National Sanitation Policy available from South Africa. - Full text
  • Report from the Africa Working Group of the Collaborative Council on Water Supply and Sanitation - the Africa Sector Review Report - Full text