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Most of the remainder of the site is unchanged from 2003. Please be aware that many of the links are no longer active. The whole web site is being updated.



The Water Page has grown out of The African Water Page. The African Water Page was established in Johannesburg, South Africa by Len Abrams in December 1996. The page was run by Len Abrams as a spare-time activity for four years. It grew into a position where, by March 2001, the site was receiving 171 000 server requests a month. All of the relevant content of the African Water Page has been incorporated into The Water Page. From January 2003 until October 2010 the page was not maintained as Len Abrams was on the staff of the World Bank based in Washington DC and running The Water Page may have been considered as a conflict of interest.


The Water Page has a Magazine type format which is updated with new material, features, news and editorial comment each month. The material for each month is maintained on the site for future access.


All original material on the site is the property of Len Abrams or the various web sites and organisations linked to. All original materials may be used, unless otherwise stated on specific pages, with written consent and acknowledgment.The use of third party materials owned by any party other than the owner of this site should be checked with the third party concerned - any use of such material is not the responsibiltiy of the owners of this site.


Not all views and opinions expressed on this site are those of the owners of this site or the advertisers and contributors to the page.

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Lessons from a Private Experiment in Knowledge Transfer

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