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May / June 2003

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OPINION - Confusing Cause and Effect


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PPP In Water & Sanitation Projects

Web Links

Some of these links are to publications on various aspects of PPP. Others are to organisations which are involved with private initiatives in the water sector.

For further links on websites which focus on privatisation in water and sanitation look at the links at the end of the International Water Companies feature.

Report on Household Water Pricing in OECD Countries

Data on private investment in infrastructure from the WB

PPI (WB) Report on privatisation in developing countries

Financing water & sanitation projects - the unique risks

Private sector participation in the provision of water services for the poor (WSP)

The growth of private sector participation in rural water supply in Bangladesh (WSP)

IRN Finance Campaign - IRN works to influence the policies and practices of these institutions (Development Organisations), and assists all interested parties in procuring and interpreting official project and policy documents.

WELL (Water and Environmental health at London Loughborough - WELL is a resource centre promoting environmental health and well-being in developing and transitional countries.

Transnationale - A globalisation 'watchdog' organisation. They have lots of information on various companies and partnerships in the water sector.

CUPE (Canadian Union of Public Sector Employees) - Privatisation of water services in Canada has received much attention of late. Several reports on various aspects of PPP included on this site.

GWP Forum - The Global Water Partnership has information about the water industry with a focus on the major regions of the world.

Worldwatch Institute - Provides information for policymakers and the public about emerging global problems and the links between the world economy and environmental support systems.

Earth Times - Independent international newspaper on the human environment. Good coverage of the socio economic impact of globalising markets.

Development Gateway - The Development Gateway helps communities, organizations, and individuals build partnerships, share ideas, and work together to reduce poverty. Several publications on PPP.



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