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May / June 2003

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This page is reproduced in The Water Page per request of

The Institute of Water and Sanitation Development, Zimbabwe

This page contains links to 45 of the papers presented at the Symposium


1st WARFSA / WaterNet Symposium



Hotel Polana, Maputo, Mozambique; 1-2 November 2000


     Organising Committee

         Rui Brito, Universidade Eduardo Mondlane (mailto:ruibrito@zebra.uem.mz)

         Jerry Ndamba, WARFSA (mailto:jndamba@iwsd.co.zw)

         Pieter van der Zaag, WaterNet (mailto:waternet@eng.uz.ac.zw)


List of Participants 




Chair: Prof Rui Brito, Universidade Eduardo Mondlane

Guest of honour: Hon. Minister of Higher Education and Technology


         Key-note: A. CARMO VAZ: Coping with floods -the experience of Mozambique

         M.J. TUMBARE: Mitigating floods in Southern Africa

         J.D. CHEMBEZE: The impact of floods in cities: the cases of Maputo, Xai Xai, and Chokwe, Mozambique


Chair: Dr Frank Kansiime, Makerere University

         Key-note: J. DAY: Bio-monitoring: appropriate technology for the 21st century

         C. TODD & D. ROUX: Design of an aquatic bio-monitoring programme, using the South African River Health Programme as a case study

         S. MTETWA et al, Establishment of reference sites for a bio-monitoring water quality assessment network in Zimbabwe

         H.F. DALLAS: Ecological reference conditions for riverine macroinvertebrates and the River Health Programme, South Africa



Chair: Dr Jenny Day, University of Cape Town

         T. SINKALA:, M. MWALA & E.T. MWASE: The role of riverine communities in the management of water resources: control of aquatic weeds in the Lower Kafue river, Zambia

         L.K. GODFREY, B. HAASBROEK & C. TODD: Water resource protection within the framework of an SEA, a case study: Sasol Secunda

         M. CHIMBARI, S. MADYIWA & R. MUSESENGWA: A trend analysis of pollutants at sampling points in a biological trickling filtration system and on a farm where a mixture of effluent and sludge are disposed

         I. VHEVHA, J. NDAMBA & S. MTETWA, Changes in river water quality with increasing distance from site of wastewater reuse

         F.L. MWANUZI: Assessment of water quality for Pangani river in Tanzania using QUAL2E windows version


Chair: Prof Damas Mashauri, University of Dar es Salaam

         O.N. SHELA: Naturalisation of Lake Malawi levels and Shire river flows challenges of water resources research and sustainable utilisation of the Lake Malawi-Shire river system

         M.M. DE GROEN & H.H.G. SAVENIJE: Markov chains at daily timesteps, key to transpiration at monthly timesteps

         W.R. NYABEZE: Application of a GIS assisted hydrological drought analysis tool on selected catchments in Zimbabwe

         K.Y. BWANALI: Challenges facing rural development in data scarce regions remote sensing opportunities

         V.H. CHIPOFYA & G.L. MCCONNACHIE: Characterisation of activated carbon produced from agricultural waste materials for taste and odour removal from drinking water supplies


Chair: Dr Paul Taylor, Chairperson Water Research Fund of Southern Africa

         N.F. MADULU: Changing water needs and uses in rural communities of Mwanza region, Tanzania

         J. LATHAM: Towards an understanding of local level adaptive management: matching the biosphere with the sociosphere; a longitudinal case study in Murisa communal land, Zimbabwe

         C. VIJFHUIZEN & M. JAARSMA: "We become more and more disorganised" A gender analysis of water rights and the dynamics of organisation and disorganisation in an irrigation scheme in Mozambique

         D.A. MASHAURI & S. KAYOMBO: Operational model of Public-Private Partnership in the provision of water supply and sanitation

         Z. PHIRI: Water law, water rights and water supply in Zambia issues and perspectives

         S. SUNGURO, H.E. BEEKMAN & K. ERBEL: Groundwater regulations and guidelines: crucial components of integrated catchment management in Zimbabwe

         H. JANSEN: Environmental management programmes as a tool for effective catchment management in Southern Africa

         T.F. NATSA, P. VAN DER ZAAG & A. MHIZHA: Modelling the change from prior rights to proportional water permits: implications for a heavily committed catchment area in Zimbabwe

         M. HARA: Fisheries co-management: what and whose agenda?



Chair: Dr Ron Chaoka, University of Botswana

         A.K. NJOGU: An integrated river basin planning approach Nyando case study in Kenya

         G. SHILOMBOLENI & G. LANGENHOVE: Current initiatives and future action regarding catchment management in Namibia

         B. GUMBO: Mass balancing as a tool for assessing integrated urban water management

         W.O. MULWAFU: Conflicts over water use in Malawi: a socio-economic study of water resources management along the Likangala River in Zomba district

         C.B. SCHULTZ, M.D. WATSON & I. TAVIV: An inter regional water resources planning model

         J.I. MATONDO: Challenges of sharing international waters

         P.C. MWIINGA: Towards equitable sharing of international water resources the Zambezi river case

         L. SANTOS et al.: Integrated Natural Resources Management in Southern Africa: A Research, Education and Outreach Project for the Limpopo River Basin

         J. GRANIT: Management of shared water resources in Southern Africa and the role of external assistance 


Chair: Mr Ngoni Mudege, Institute of Water and Sanitation Development

         J. ARNTZEN, D.L. KGATHI & M. MASIKE: The role of water valuation and pricing in water demand management

         K. SCHACHTSCHNEIDER: Water demand management study of Namibian tourist facilities

         J. MacGREGOR, S. MASIREMBU, R. WILLIAMS & C. MUNIKASU: Estimating the economic value of water in Namibia

         G.T. PAZVAKAWAMBWA & P. VAN DER ZAAG: The value of irrigation water in Nyanyadzi smallholder irrigation scheme, Zimbabwe

         M. MASIYANDIMA: Increasing the productivity of water at basin scale in the Olifants River Basin, South Africa

         A.R. TURTON, C. MUCHELENG'ANGA & J.S.N. KHUPE: Research project on water demand management, natural resource reconstruction and traditional value systems: what are we learning so far?

         A.A. OGUNMOKUN, O.D. MWANDEMELE & S. J. DIMA: Use of recycled waste water from biogas digesters for vegetable production in the Goreangab Dam Area of Windhoek Municipality

         A. MONDOKA & J. KAMPATA: Promoting water use efficiency in water allocation in Zambia

         R. HRANOVA: Estimation of potable water loss in high density municipal areas



Chair: Prof Hubert Savenije, IHE Delft

         E.A. WRIGHT: Towards a new curriculum for collaborative masters programmes

         B.K RAWLINS & B.E. KELBE: The development of outcomes based curricula in hydrology and water resources management at the University of Zululand

         L. JONKER: IWRM: what should we teach?

 OFFICIAL CLOSURE by Prof Al Wright, Chairperson WaterNet Steering Committee


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